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How Funeral Homes Can Incorporate Audio Guestbooks into Their Service

Updated: Apr 13

Audio guestbooks are emerging as a new solutions for funeral homes as funeral homes strive to meet the evolving needs of grieving families. Audio guestbooks like EventChime plays a vital role in funerals, serving as a way for guests to express their condolences and memories.

Attending a loved one's funeral is never easy, but incorporating an audio guest book such as EventChime into a funeral can offer many benefits during this challenging time. Here's why:

Convenience and Ease of Use Unplugged Service

Instead of writing in a traditional guest book, guests can easily record their messages using their phones.

Accessibility for All

Incorporating an audio guest book also ensures that everyone, including elderly or disabled attendees, can contribute their thoughts and memories. This inclusivity allows all attendees to feel valued and heard, fostering community and support during a difficult time.

Capturing Memories for Remote Attendees

For those unable to attend the funeral in person, an audio guest book provides a valuable opportunity to participate remotely. By recording their messages, remote attendees can still feel connected to the funerals and memorial service and contribute to the collective remembrance of the loved one.

Custom Personalization

An audio guest book is excellent way to personalize a funeral. It allows attendees to personalize their messages in a way that written words cannot. From heartfelt speeches to shared laughter, audio recordings capture the unique essence of each attendee's relationship with the deceased. These personalized messages create a meaningful keepsake for the grieving family to cherish long after the funeral.

How Funeral Homes Can Incorporate Audio Guestbooks into Their Service

Step 01: Choose the Correct Equipment for Your Funeral Home's Audio Guestbook

Selecting the right software (like EventChime)  is crucial in setting up an audio guestbook for your client’s service. It ensures clear sound capture and easy use for guests, enhancing the overall experience.

Step 02: Look for Quality and User-Friendly Design

When selecting an audio guest book for your funeral home, prioritize quality and user-friendly design. Ensure it's easy for guests to leave messages and for your client to access and listen to them later. 

Step 03: Consider the Budget

Budget considerations are crucial. You don't have to spend excessively on quality software. EventChime offers excellent features at an affordable price.

Step 04: Setting Up the Recording Space for Your Funeral Home's Audio Guestbook

Once you've chosen the right equipment, the next step is setting up the recording space to ensure optimal sound quality for your audio guestbook. Here's how to do it effectively:

  • Start by selecting a location that minimizes background noise. Look for a semi-enclosed space, such as a corner from the main event activities. This helps control background noise, ensuring crystal-clear messages from your guests.

  • Consider the lighting ambiance as well. Soft, indirect lighting best sets a comfortable mood for your guests, encouraging them to share heartfelt messages without distractions.

With a well-set recording space, your funeral home can offer a serene environment for guests to share their memories and condolences, creating a meaningful audio guestbook to honor the deceased's life.

Step 05: Crafting the Perfect Prompt for Your Funeral Home's Audio Guestbook

A thoughtful prompt is essential for eliciting memorable and meaningful guest recordings. Here's how to design your questions thoughtfully to ignite prompt creativity and emotional engagement:

  • Be specific yet open-ended: Specific questions guide your guests while leaving room for personal expression.

  • Invoke nostalgia: Questions prompting guests to recall past experiences can spark emotional responses.

  • Encourage positivity: Frame prompts to inspire uplifting and joyful memories, enhancing the mood of your celebration.

  • Make it inclusive: Ensure questions are accessible to all guests, regardless of their familiarity with the deceased.

  • Prompt for future condolences: Asking for future hopes or advice adds a forward-looking element to your audio guestbook.

With well-crafted prompts, many funeral homes can capture heartfelt messages that honor the life and legacy of the deceased, providing solace and comfort to grieving families. EventChime provides sample prompts for funeral homes that can be printed out and provided to clients.

Step 06: Preserve and Share the Audio

Once you've collected guest recordings for your funeral home's audio guestbook, it's crucial to focus on effectively preserving and sharing the video and audio with attendees so that they can save the format in their computers and mobile devices. They can share the audio in their Facebook and Instagram accounts if they need.

Here are vital steps to consider:

  • Choose the Right Cloud Storage Options: Research and select cloud storage services like EventChime (or Google Drive or Dropbox) that offer ample space, reliability, and easy access for sharing.

  • Create a Structured Directory: Organize the files logically, categorizing them by event segments or guest names for easy navigation.

  • Share With Care: Consider the privacy and wishes of your guests when sharing. Use secure sharing options and password-protect the files.

By following these steps, you can ensure the longevity and accessibility of these precious audio memories, provide comfort to grieving families, and honor the life and legacy of the deceased.


How does an audio guestbook work?

An audio guestbook allows guests to record personalized messages, stories, or well-wishes with their voices. These recordings are typically collected digitally and can be accessed and listened to later. It serves as a modern alternative and supplementary medium to traditional paper guestbooks.

What makes audio guest books in funerals unique compared to traditional guest books?

Audio guest books at funerals offer a unique way to capture memories and heartfelt messages through recorded audio. Unlike traditional guest books that rely on written entries, audio guest books preserve the voices and emotions of attendees, providing a more personal and immersive tribute to the deceased that can be cherished for years to come.

How should guests be informed about the audio guestbook at funerals?

Guests should be informed about the audio guestbook at a funeral through various channels, such as announcements during the service, signage at the venue, inclusion in the funeral program, and verbal reminders from funeral home staff. Clear instructions on leaving recordings and the significance of the guestbook should be provided. 

Wrapping Up

Innovations like audio guest books are transforming funeral services, capturing heartfelt sentiments that written words may fail to convey. These recordings are crucial, providing solace to grieving families and documenting attendees' heartfelt condolences.

Amidst the busyness and emotional turmoil, audio guest books offer a lasting record of support, allowing families to recognize and appreciate the presence and sentiments of loved ones during their time of need.

EventChime helps funeral home directors preserve their client’s previous voice notes, offering a timeless way to cherish the memories and connections forged during moments of loss and remembrance.

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