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The Digital Audio Guestbook Platform 

Helping event professionals give clients a unique way to cherish memories forever while creating a new revenue stream for their business.

14 day free trial

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Used and Loved By:

Physical Guestbooks


Can be lost or destroyed

Only one copy

Static handwriting

Hard to read guest's notes

Doesn't generate referrals


Green checkmark
Green checkmark
Green checkmark
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Preserved in audio files online

Share with family and friends

Living memories that last forever

Easy to listen to

Sharable recordings prompts referrals

How It Works

Getting up and running with EventChime is easy.

Set up an event room 

Create an event for each one of your clients and customize the room to your heart's desire. Brand each room with your client's theme colors and set up the room details in however you think is best. Each of your event's and client's needs is unique, so we make it easy to quickly set up their room experience.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 10.40.23 AM.png
invite hosts

Invite clients to collaborate

Have your clients work with your team on their room setup by co-configuring event details, images, and much more. Your clients can be as involved (or not involved) as they'd like in the event setup and creation process!

Create your dial-in numbers

Set up phone numbers for the countries guests will be calling from, and easily create a printout with instructions on how to leave a voice note. No extra equipment or hardware needed!


Record a custom greeting for guests

Your team or your client can create your own custom greeting that plays when guests dial into your guestbook. Record until its just the way you like it, then connect it to your number(s)! 

Let the dialing-in begin! 

On the big day, place your instructions out on a table where guests will see it (we provide print-out templates for you to use for your clients), then have guests dial in and leave their voice notes. Calling in is simple and easy, and guests simply hang up to submit their recordings.

Audio Guestbook For Wedding
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at

Cherish and share recordings post-event

EventChime saves each guest voice note and let's your client play back, download, and share each individual recording in their event room. Clients can share their room with friends and family with a password-protected page. 

Great for:

How EventChime helps you increase profitability and win more business:

Simple Pricing With Unlimited Events, Clients, and Recordings

  • I am an individual hosting an event, not a business providing this to clients. Can I still use EventChime at my individual event?
    We will have individual event plans coming soon, check back shortly or reach out to us at if you would like to know when this feature is arriving!
  • How is your customer support?
    Email us at and you won't believe how fast you get a response from a real human being :)
  • When are EventChime's audio guestbooks used?
    They are used both at the event and after the event. At the event, a print-out with information on how to dial into the event is displayed. This is generally placed next to the physical guestbook. The dial-in number for your client's event can also be shared with people who weren't able to make it to the event, but still want to leave a voice note. After guests dial in during the event, your clients have access to their recordings with their own login and dashboard.

Ready to level up client's event experiences (and boost your profits along the way)?

Discover how EventChime can help change the way event memories are enjoyed forever while helping your business thrive.

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